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Barf Racing is a West Coast based motorcycle road racing team now in its 7th season. The team is backed by some very good people and the Bay Area Riders Forum, one of the most active online motorcycle forums in the U.S.

Congratulations to Chris Siglin and Berto Wooldridge. Siggy captured the AFM # 2 plate and the Open Twins Championship. Berto secured the AFM # 9 Plate and won the F1 championship. Barf Racing does not stop there as we have other racers being supported as well. Anthony Alonso will run in the USGPRU races on a Honda 125. He will still participate in a few mini bike races as well to keep sharp and continue his path to becoming a professional racer.

Mike Jones is the driver and Cindy Creech is the passenger. They race a sidecar in the Sidecar Racers Association West Series. Check out Bad Cat Racing.

Alex Balogi is a retired tech guy who is now the holder of the title of the Land Speed Record for production frame, production pushrod engine, having set Land Speed record of 125.457 MPH on his 1973 Moto Guzzi V7 Sport. He runs the Land speed races and works on his own bike with the same passion.

Check out the calendar and come out and see us doing what we love… RACING!!

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